Are You Already a Powerful Woman?

So what do you feel about the term “powerful woman”? Who are these women? When I discuss this with people, both male and female, although there are certain differences most people either suggest or accept something similar. She is the matriarchal, all loving, caring figurehead who can find strength in adversity, keeping the family together whilst being an intrinsic element of the community and supporting others.

She May Not Feel  Like a Powerful Woman

One of my heroes is my grandma.  She was indeed a powerful woman, but would’ve laughed had anyone suggested it.  You may laugh at people saying that of you too, but it’s likely to be true.  You see unlike a powerful man (I should say our view of a powerful man, I hope to change that later), a powerful woman is often filled with self doubt and doesn’t see her own potential.  She just gets on with it.  In fact she doesn’t see any bravery, not often worth in what she does.  She is a real hero…and they’re everywhere.  I think you are likely to be a powerful woman  also.

Differences Between a Powerful Woman and a Powerful Man


when we think of powerful men it might conjure certain images.  I did a quick internet search and came up with Donald Trump (President of the USA), Vladimir Putin (Russian President)  Xi Jinping (General Secretary of the Communist Party of China) , Bill Gates (Co-founder Microsoft)  Mario Draghi  (President of the European Central Bank) Li Keqiang (Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China)  Jeff Bezos (Chief Executive Officer of Amazon). You can see an inherent discrepancy here.  In fact should a man dare to make his career being a caregiver, he is somehow thought of as being less of a man.  I found an excellent article which explains this.  If you have a mo check it out here. why can’t a powerful  man be the one who keeps the family together against all the odds and just be a great father (or son, or  brother etc.)?  the world must indeed be skewed if we see people like Trump as a powerful man,  but a loving father as less of a man.My aim is to empower women and unleash the potential of the powerful woman.

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